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Lady Lane Park School
and Nursery


Parents' Evenings, Reports, and Strong Relationships

We believe that it is important for your child that there is a strong and productive relationship between home and school.

Therefore, we provide you with regular updates to keep you up to date with your child’s progress and other goings on in the school. Written reports are prepared once a year, and during the course of the academic year, we are pleased to arrange three formal parents' evenings where you will be able to discuss the child’s progress with their form teacher. Here, you will have the opportunity to view your child’s classwork and ongoing projects.

Homework is considered a very important feature in your child’s education throughout the school, preparing them for their further academic life, and also supplementing what is learned in class. You are advised that as your child progresses throughout the school, they will be required to complete more homework, and the time allocated will vary according to age. You will be able to find out how they are progressing through the parents' evenings, reports, and updates from the teachers.

To register your interest or find out more, please call 01274 551 168.